You Can’t Make Money Online Instantly!

You Can't Make Money Online Instantly!

You Can’t Make Money Online Instantly!

You Can’t Make Money Online Instantly!

Did you know that you can’t make money online instantly, this is a question that people ask me all the time! People will often say to me if I have a website will I be making money by the end of the month as I have bills to pay at the end of the month and I don’t want to invest in summer doesn’t work! Or, will it pay more than my full-time job otherwise it’s not worth doing! The classic comment I hear is, I have tried to work on my but it just doesn’t work! My question is then, how much time did you spend and normally the answer is zero, they have purchased the product but not taken any action whatsoever, this is actually much more common than you first might think.

The truth of the matter is you can’t make money online instantly, there is a process and it takes time, but you can do it if you have the correct training.

If you have heard stories like this or are thinking like this, please carry on and read the rest of this post!

You Need The Right Mindset

If you are constantly thinking that I don’t know if my online business will work or I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, you will not be successful, you have to have the right information to start an online business and know that you will be successful, the failure is constantly on your mind, it will dramatically slow your progress down.

First of all, you have to have the right mindset you have to know that you are receiving the correct training. Unfortunately, there are so many spam products in the Internet marketing field which can lead people to so much confusion, this is why we have to have the right training and have to have a solid direction to move their online business forwards, you can read my getting started guide to working online here.

Please don’t be offended if you are having negative thoughts or if you don’t understand something, this blog post is to help you understand the concept of making money online.

We Want It Yesterday!

I believe that our human nature can sometimes make us want things quickly or even yesterday, I know that in most cases this is not possible and it is exactly the same with a business, whether it is an online business or off-line business, it takes time to grow your business. Many Internet marketing products have amazing headlines, like, “become a millionaire in a week” or “use a simple system to earn thousands per week for just 10 minutes work” I think we have all seen these headlines, the truth of the matter is that these sorts of opportunities really do not exist, you need the proper training!

So How Do I Make Money Online?

It is literally impossible to build an online business overnight, having said this, you can make a huge amount of progress if you are willing to work, but you need to know how to do this the right way. If you think for a moment about the talents and the gift as you have, how long did actually take you to achieve this, what it one year, five years or even longer? It’s exactly the same when you start to build an online business, you have to learn from scratch and make progress gradually, but if you’re willing to learn, we will make progress.

I think many people think that an Internet business happens overnight and it’s just reserved for a few gifted people, this is so far from the truth, you can make money online, but you have to be patient, you have to work and need to receive the right training.

There Is a Right Way and a Wrong Way!

Don’t be like me, I learned the hard way, in fact, I wrote a blog post about this, you can read it here.

It took me three years of research to have my first moneymaking website online and I researched a lot of Internet marketing products and I made huge mistakes and spent huge amounts of money and yet at the end of it I was actually making money, although it had cost a lot of time and money to get there!

Please forget all these bright shiny objects out there that promise the earth and give you nothing, I will tell you the best way to make money online below.

This Is the Right Way to Make Money Online

When I first started researching how to make money online, I was working totally blind, I had no plan to work to and I have no idea if the information I was reading put into action was even correct. This is why I want to talk to you about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform teaches you how to make money online, it does not teach you how to become a millionaire overnight, however, it does teach you how to create a long-standing business that will potentially give you an income for life, I know, I have tried it and no training works! If I had known about the Wealthy Affiliate platform when I first started learning about Internet marketing, it would have literally saved me thousands of pounds I really mean this! And I would have called from A to B much quicker than doing it my way.

Maybe you’re reading this article and feeling disappointed that you can’t start making money instantly online, which is true, but you can learn how to make a successful online business.

Keep Earning Money

Maybe you’re saying to yourself, I need to earn money instantly, but my best advice is to keep your full-time job unless you are able to afford to go part-time. We all have bills coming in every week which need paying, I can’t think of anything worse than try to start a business and not having any money coming in.

I have always been an early riser and I normally start work at 5 AM or sometimes earlier, this is the benefit of an online business, no travel expenses and you can operate from your own home! I find I can get a terrific amount of work completed first thing in the morning, I have no people distracting me or no telephone calls coming in before 9 AM. I look at it like this,. Work at 5 AM and work till 9 AM I have already achieved four hours work, I also have an off-line business so often I will work till about 7:30 AM and then start work on my other business, depending what the workload is. This may sound like hard work, but if you want your own business, you have to be willing to work hard and this is a great way to gain a head start.

Consistency Is the Answer

In my experience of working off-line or online or probably more so online, consistency is the answer, try and do something every day or at least every working day, I also appreciate that the human body needs a rest and can benefit hugely from taking proper and regular breaks. All the successful Internet marketers that I know have something in common, they are consistent and they succeed. We also need to remember that every successful person has made huge mistakes, probably more than we could ever imagine, but through their mistakes they have become overcomers and don’t let anything hold them back!

All You Need to Do Now

All you need to do now is to have the right mindset and open a free account at Wealthy Affiliate, which provides you with all the training you need to start an online business, you can read more about this platform here. Don’t delay another day, it’s time to get your online business on the move!

I Have Some Bonuses For You

I have some bonuses for you, if you sign up to premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate I will give you 30 minutes of my time over a Skype call.

Secondly, I will give you a special package that will help to give your business a head start.

And thirdly, I will give you a 59% discount for the first month that you become a premium member, which will make your membership $19 for the first month.

Just message me and we can arrange these bonuses.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions below.

Roy Bretton

The Christian Internet Marketer

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