You can start your online business today!

You can start your online business today!

You can start your online business today!

You can start your online business today!

Did you know that you can start your online business today? Back in 2004 I started researching Internet marketing and making money online and I really did learn the hard way, hopefully, in this blog post, I can encourage you to start your online business today.

What Is Holding You Back?

I speak to many people who would love to have their own business, but have never actually started, they’ve talked about it, thought about it, but never actually started their own business. I think many people get very excited about the prospect of having their own business although at the same time there are some negative thoughts holding them back from making it really happen.

Thought Patterns

I believe that many people go into negative thinking and when this happens your dream starts to disappear right in front of your eyes! Here are a few typical thoughts go through someone’s mind when they are starting a business.

I have never worked for myself before.

I need a regular income.

I don’t know anything about making money online.

What will other people think about me?

How do I start an online business?

Do people really make money online?

I’m scared of making mistakes.

I think there are too many scams on the Internet.

I don’t know if I have enough money to start working online?

I feel like I will be working alone with no help.

I need my questions answered.

I don’t do all that technical stuff, I have no clue how it works.

So let’s have a look at these thought patterns

Well, I have good news for you, it’s never too late to start your own business, however old you may be! I recently heard of a lady in her 80s who had published successfully three books, apparently, she was apprehensive, but she took action and it worked!

I need a regular income.

I understand this, but why not make a start in your free time, or get up early and do something each day, set aside a couple of hours five days a week, make a plan and it will happen. I normally start at 5 AM as I can get a terrific amount of work finished between 5 and 9 AM. Different things work for different people, but this definitely works for me.

I Don’t Know Anything About Making Money Online.

I didn’t either, so I had to take time to research making money online and Internet marketing etc, it was hard, I was working blind, but three years later I had a website that was making money! Thankfully now there are much better ways to learn about Internet marketing, I learnt the hard way, you can learn more about Internet marketing membership sites which will take you through the art of making money online process step-by-step.

What Do Other People Think About Me?

Well, the truth of the matter is that I don’t care what other people think about me, I just quietly get on with my online business. You have to remember that most people do not know how to make money online, if you talk to people they will tell you that the Internet is a scam and you can’t make money, but the fact is that they have never made a penny online, so what right have they got to talk to you about Internet marketing! I normally only talk about my Internet marketing job to people I know will understand and have a genuine interest.

How Do I Start An Online Business?

As I mentioned previously I didn’t know anything about Internet marketing and yet I saw the power of the Internet, I was eager to learn how I could make money online, but I was working blind. I’m very thankful that making money online has been made much easier, especially when you have step-by-step videos to show you every step of the way. Why not sign up here and create a free account and find out the benefits of being a premium member, you can start your online business today?

You can read my blog post here on “Getting Started Online”

Do People Really Make Money Online?

In answer to this question, yes they really do, but you have to take action, you have to have a plan, it won’t happen in five minutes, but you can create an income for life online, I am thankful to know many successful people who work online.

I’m Scared Of Making Mistakes!

Did you know that every successful businessman has made mistakes? Making mistakes is the way we learn, obviously, we do not deliberately make mistakes, but it’s important that we learn from our mistakes and quickly move forward.

I Think There Are Too Many Scams On The Internet.

There definitely are scams on the Internet and in the past I have been taken in by the scams and false programs that promise to make you a lot of money, but realistically produce nothing! This is why I want to get you started online in the proper manner and to learn the correct way. My way won’t make you a millionaire overnight but you will have a solid business that you can grow on a daily basis and will give you a lifetime income, I know, I have been there!

You Can Read My Blog Posts On Internet Marketing Scams Here

I Don’t Know If I Have Enough Money To Start Working Online?

Did you know that having your own online business is probably the cheapest way to set up a business? Two years ago I started a new off-line business and although it is doing quite well, it literally cost me thousands to get started, an online business is far cheaper! Basically, all you need is a domain name and hosting, you can see my domain and hosting packages here. The wealthy affiliate platform also offers free hosting and has a paid domain service, you can see more information here.

I Feel Like I Will Be Working Alone, With No Help.

I understand, when I first started working online I was very much working alone and working totally blind, thankfully, this is totally unnecessary now and I can show you a great place where you can live chat with people and ask questions and get excellent answers to your questions.

I Need My Questions Answered.

As I mentioned in the previous sentence, you can go on to live chat or you can ask the question to the whole community and you will receive an answer and if you don’t receive an answer you can create a ticket and the Wealthy Affiliate team will answer your question. I have asked many questions on my online journey, it’s good to ask questions as it helps other people learn as well as yourself.

I Don’t Do All That Technical Stuff, I Don’t Have A Clue How It Works!

Don’t worry, I didn’t have a clue either on how to do the technical stuff when I first started I always had to pay a web designer to build my websites, but thankfully now the Wealthy Affiliate platform takes you through the precise process on how to build a website and more.

Choose To Take Action Now And Start Your Online Business!

I know too many people who fail to take action, you need to take action now and start your online business, don’t start tomorrow is tomorrow never comes, just start now. Many people get held back by fear, please don’t let fear hold you back. I’m a Christian man and I have faith in God, my faith helps me to move forward quickly, I believe that anything other than faith is fear and fear hold you back, fear stop you moving forward, fear stop you making progress, but faith brings hope and hope brings action! As I say to some people, drop the fear keep the faith!

Choose To Be A Winner

Whatever you do, please don’t let negative thought patterns hold you back, be a winner and start your online business today.

Create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate and learn to make money the correct way, you won’t be a millionaire overnight, but you will be creating a solid online business that will give you a lifetime income. Click on the banner below and check out my bonus offer below.

I Have Some Bonuses For You

I have some bonuses for you, if you sign up to premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate I will give you 30 minutes of my time over a Skype call.

Secondly, I will give you a special package that will help to give your business a head start.

And thirdly, I will give you a 59% discount for the first month that you become a premium member, which will make your membership $19 for the first month.

Just message me and we can arrange these bonuses.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions below.

Roy Bretton

The Christian Internet Marketer post blog post


    • John on November 13, 2018 at 10:54 pm
    • Reply

    Thanks Roy,
    Great post! I like how you broke down and dived into the things that are holding most people back.
    You are spot on – many people have the job mentality with “I need a regular income” yes sure feel free to do that, but I like how you’ve shown with your morning routine how you can setup an online business in your spare time and the morning works great for you. Do you still work full-time at a job too?
    Then your second reason “I Don’t Know Anything About Making Money Online.” You have highlighted a great platform to learn while you earn.
    Overall great advice and anyone reading this post please take note of the self-talk that might be holding you back, the best time to get started is sooner rather than later.

    1. Thank you for your feedback John, I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my blog post. In answer to your question John, regarding my job, I’ve been self-employed since 1983 and I still have an off-line business. I’m quite an outdoor person, so I love being outside and my off-line job allows me to do this. Long-term I will work full-time online as I would like to spend more time in Greece, as this is where my wife comes from and working full-time online will enable me to do this, but in the meantime, I will carry on enjoying the outdoor life! Maybe I have the best of both worlds, a bit of indoor work and a bit of outdoor work!

      Have a great day.


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