Why You Need Your Own Domain Name?

Why You Need Your Own Domain Name

Why You Need Your Own Domain Name

Why You Need Your Own Domain Name?

Do you know it is so important to own your own domain name, I will explain a bit more, I have entitled my post, why you need your own domain name?

As I’m sure you know, every website has what we call a domain name, I believe that it is very important to have a domain name that very much explains our product or what we do if we are offering a particular service. In Google’s eyes it’s not quite so important as it used to be to have the right domain name, however, I believe that to your customers is very important what people see in your domain name. For example, if you were selling garden products, you may want to choose a domain name like “everything for the garden” or great products for the garden, I have no idea if these domain names are available, but my point is a domain name says a lot about what we do.

Choose The Right Domain Name

When I’m searching for a product or service I always take note of the domain name as for me this is a huge suggestion if I am heading to the right website. So my advice to you is take time to think about your domain name when I’m thinking about starting a new website, I will often spend a few months thinking about what I’m going to call my new website. Please remember, no dashes or abbreviations in your domain name, people never remember where the dashes and abbreviations are. If you can’t find the domain name you are looking for, then choose another name.

You can find many domains here at my domain site, there’s also a free phone number which is available 24 hours should you require any further help or information. It’s always nice to know that help is available if you have any issues with your domain or hosting.

In my Getting Started Guide I explained about a great platform that I belong to and how you can create a free website, in fact, you can have up to 25 free websites, which is great when you’re first starting out, but sooner or later it is much more professional to have your own domain name. For example, your domain name may be everythingforthegardendotcom but your free domain will be everythingforthegardendotcom/siterubix.com as you can see, you have a free domain but it is rather long and not very professional, however, it is a great starting point and learning curve.

Remember That Your Website Is Your Business

When we have our own business it is important to invest wisely and make the right decisions, a domain name is very important, I know the cost of a domain name is not huge, (around $10) but it is still important that our domain name represents what our business really is. Remember that your website name or domain name is building your brand and something that you want to be recognised for years to come.

Build Your Brand

It’s important to remember that your domain name is your brand name and that you are building something long term for the future. When I create a new website, I like to have the same domain name for my Twitter, Facebook business page, YouTube channel, Pinterest and email address. There are several reasons for this. If I ever decide to sell my business I have everything separate from other accounts and secondly keeping the same brand name makes people aware of your brand and is far more professional.

Building An Email List

Building an email list is something that is very important, I know that the first thing we have to do is to add content to our website, but building an email list means that we can alert people and for special offers and newsletters et cetera.

Your email list is far more powerful than any social media platform in normal terms, people are far more likely to purchase through reading an email than they are through social media.

Build Your Own Brand

I see many people building their own brand on Facebook, Twitter and many more social media platforms which is great, however, your priority should be to purchase your domain name and create your own brand through your very own website.

Maybe you think that creating your brand, for example, on Facebook, is an easy way to get going, maybe it is, having said this it is very easy to put a website up in 30 seconds! Take a look at my creating a website in 30 seconds video post, it’s amazing how quickly a website can be created in this day and age.

The biggest problem with social media platforms is that you can spend many hours of time building your platform up only to find that he has disappeared as you have potentially unknowingly gone against the terms and conditions! Can you imagine having a FacebookPage with half a million followers only to wake up in the morning to find that your page has been taken down? This does actually happen and it happens more often than people realise.

So The Answer Is

So the answer is, get your domain today and start building your website.

Thank you for reading.

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