Why I Will Be A Lifetime Member Of The Wealthy Affiliate Platform!

Why I Will Be A Lifetime Member Of The Wealthy Affiliate Platform!

Why I Will Be A Lifetime Member Of The Wealthy Affiliate Platform!

Why I Will Be A Lifetime Member Of The Wealthy Affiliate Platform!

I thought that I would write a blog post on why I will be a lifetime member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for precisely 4 years, prior to this I have been a member of two other Internet marketing membership websites. At one time I was actually a member of two Internet marketing membership sites, but this was too much and quite honestly it was unnecessary. However, the previous membership site that I was with was actually very good but when it came down to the final straw, Wealthy Affiliate came up tops! I will give you several reasons why I will be a lifetime member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform below.

As many of you will know I had my first moneymaking website back in 2007 and actually started making money with this site within the first 24 hours, however, I did but a lot of effort into adding content before we actually went live. My Webmaster built the website so that I could add content to the back office before the front end was up and running, so it kind of gave me a head start before we went live.

I started researching Internet marketing and making money online back in 2004 it was three years before I started actually making real money online, however during this time I spent a terrific amount of time buying completely useless products, the problem was I didn’t know what was true and what was false, but I was eager to learn. I’ve literally spent thousands on various Internet marketing products and training, much of the time I was working blind, however, I did purchase some products that did actually work and enabled me to launch my first website as I mentioned earlier back in 2007. I have been making money online ever since, although I do also have an off-line business which I actually really enjoy.

Go through the Training

Wealthy Affiliate has a huge amount of quality training, there is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, Affiliate Boot Camp, Training Headquarters and Classrooms, plus much more! I am still discovering everything that this platform has to offer. I didn’t go through the training when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate four years ago as I already had quite a bit of experience in the Internet marketing world. However, we never stop learning and I am now going through the training step-by-step and literally loving every second of it! I would definitely recommend going to the training as soon as you join Wealthy Affiliate as I can promise you that however much experience you may think you have, you will still learn something.

The great thing is the training, it takes you through every process step-by-step, so in other words, you watch a video, you are then given action steps and practical real-life exercises to do which will help grow your business. In fact, your learning and growing your business at the same time! Some of the videos are short and someone longer and this is the same with the practical exercises, but all I can say is, just do it and your business will grow.

Quality Hosting Included

Another great benefit with the Wealthy Affiliate platform is that it includes quality free hosting, apparently, it is actually Amazon hosting which has a really good reputation. I was actually paying almost the same amount for my hosting as I was for my Wealthy Affiliate subscription, so you could say that I’m almost getting free membership as I don’t pay for hosting any more. I actually only started using the Wealthy Affiliate hosting around six months ago, I really don’t know why I didn’t use the hosting before, I have been very pleased with the performance of their hosting.

Free Weekly Webinars

Did you know that Wealthy Affiliate hosts weekly webinars on every single Internet marketing topic that you can think of and they are all recorded and archived to watch at your convenience. I have never actually watched a live video training broadcast as I live in the UK and in general, they are too late for me to watch as I am normally up at 5 AM in the morning. However, they are all recorded and can be watched at any time and your convenience.

Over the years I have signed up for many Internet marketers newsletters and I’m often invited to various Internet marketing conferences which can actually cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds! Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we have hundreds of webinars and training modules at our fingertips in the comfort of our own home.

Your Questions Answered

One of the things I struggled with was when I first started working online is that I didn’t know what I was reading was legitimate and if I had a problem I had no one to turn to, thankfully with Wealthy Affiliate, those days are over. If I have a question to ask, I can ask the community and very quickly I will receive, in normal terms, many answers, if I don’t receive an answer, I can send in a ticket and get a personal reply from the technical support team. Another good thing about asking a question to the community is that it helps other people to learn through our questions, which is great news.

You Are With Like-Minded People

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I was very much alone when I was learning about Internet marketing and there was an amazing amount of guesswork that went into my learning. One of the many benefits of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate is that we are mixing with like-minded people, we all have a common interest and that is to make money online. We can share their dreams, thoughts our questions about Internet marketing and we can learn from each other, this is something that I find absolutely amazing and just so useful.

Things Change Quickly Online

As we all know, we live in a very fast moving world and things change quickly, however, I believe that in the Internet marketing world and digital world things change even quicker! The great thing is with Wealthy Affiliate Members can write blog posts and share information that they have discovered, for me this is a great way to keep things up-to-date and to help me learn new topics and new updates.

Conclusion To Why I Will Be A Lifetime Member At Wealthy Affiliate

I have been working online successfully since 2007, I also have a successful off-line business, some of the principles taught here has led to my success with my off-line business. I have no intention of leaving Wealthy Affiliate as I have far too much to lose, free hosting, webinars, unlimited training that I will never finish and much much more!

Will you be a lifetime member of Wealthy Affiliate like me?

Have You Tried Wealthy Affiliate?

Why not give wealthy affiliate a try, I did four years ago and it works! I will also give you my bonus offer which you can see below, you can also sign up for a free account on the banner below.

I Have Some Bonuses For You

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Please feel free to leave comments and questions below.

Roy Bretton

The Christian Internet Marketer

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