Why I Brought Into Scam Internet Marketing Products?

Why I brought into scam Internet marketing products?

Why I brought into scam Internet marketing products?

Why I brought into scam Internet marketing products?

I would like to talk to you about why I purchased scam Internet marketing products, you’re probably thinking this seems a very strange thing to do, but I perfected buying into scam internet marketing products, big time!

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I remember back in 2001 I had my first desktop PC, I knew nothing about computers and I had absolutely no interest in them whatsoever! It was a very good family friend who told me that I needed a computer otherwise I would fall behind if I didn’t embrace technology, he convinced me to buy a PC. So, I purchased a Dell desktop with 20 GB of hard drive, I knew nothing about computers, but thankfully my friend helped me choose the required specification, he did advise me to go to a 40 GB hard drive, but I didn’t really want to spend the extra money. if I remember rightly the price of my new Dell computer complete with printers and speakers etc was well over a thousand pounds, I guess now that this would buy a very powerful desktop PC.

Internet Marketing Scams

Internet Marketing Scams

I had to say that this PC frustrated me so much, there were many times when I really felt like literally throwing out the window (I’m not proud of this behaviour) but it was so frustrating! It was so frustrating with the dial-up modem, the Internet to me was almost useless, you had to wait so long for a page to load, a very frustrating process, however, it was useful for sending the odd email. Thankfully, I did get used to using a PC but I certainly had my fair share of frustrations as I had never touched a computer mouse before 2001.

Broadband Changed Everything!

I believe it was in 2004 that I had my first broadband Internet connection, a massive 500 MB, it was absolutely fantastic, all of a sudden websites would load quickly, I could watch a video instantly and still make a phone call! Do you remember the old dial-up, waiting ages for a video to load and of course, not being able to use your phone line to make a call, how times change? To me, literally overnight the Internet had become usable and I immediately saw the absolute massive power of the Internet!

The Power Of The Internet

I couldn’t believe how much broadband changed the Internet and I immediately understood and  saw the power of the Internet, whereas before, surfing the web was just painful! I immediately set out to find out how I could make money online, most people that I spoke to just couldn’t understand how the Internet worked, but I was keen to release the power of the Internet and to take full advantage of this great business tool.

Searching For Information

I remember being really eager to learn about Internet marketing, I was excited, I could see the massive potential. I remember one Saturday spending the whole day researching things like; “Internet marketing”, “how to make money online”, “work from opportunities”.  “teenager makes £1 million in 48 hours” and many other similar headlines like,” become a millionaire in a month by just spending two minutes a day on your PC”! Now I know that some people have been highly successful and done extremely well from the.com boom, there were many many success stories, but a lot of it was being in the right place at the right time.

One Million Dollars

I had a friend who made £1 million in a very short space of time due to finding a product that he purchased and found out that it was an exceptionally good product but very underrated. He spoke to the owner of the product and ended up rebranding the product and literally made him a million-plus! It also helped that Google put him at the top of page 1 for several weeks which was a huge bonus. This is a genuine true story and I believe that even now if you create the right product or repackage an existing product huge amounts of profits can be made. One thing I do know is that there are huge opportunities to make money online, we live in a great time with great opportunities around us. I have never desired to make loads of money because money doesn’t bring happiness, but I do like the idea of being able to my business from home or from anywhere in the world, this is a huge bonus for me.

I’m fortunate that I have been self-employed since 1983 and I’ve been working online since 2007, I still have an off-line business that I really enjoy but I definitely think the Internet is the way forward. In fact,  my off-line business has had a huge boost from leveraging the power of the Internet.

I Purchased Many Scam Products

I was really eager to learn about Internet marketing, but the problem was that although I saw the power of the Internet I had no idea how I could leverage this power so I had to start somewhere. The biggest problem I had was that I was working blind and I didn’t know if these products were genuine or not and to be fair, most of them did not do what they said the package. I tried to look at every product thoroughly and I felt I had to take some sort of action and I did, but the problem was often it was the wrong action and I almost ended up getting nowhere. I literally spent thousands on various products, I don’t know how many products I purchased but certainly a huge number. I didn’t deliberately buy scam Internet marketing products, I was just hungry to make money online.

It took me from 2004 to 2007 to have my first moneymaking website, I actually had my first website in 2004 for my off-line business. I had definitely learnt the hard way to make money online and at a huge financial cost, the only good thing was that I did learn something! In fact, on the first day my website went live, I actually made a sale this was an amazing experience for me, thankfully the website went on to be very successful and I ended up having multiple streams of income from this particular website. The power of the Internet never fails to amaze me.

Thankfully Things Are Easier Now

Did you know that working hard and working blind on something that you see huge potential in, is seriously hard work? My learning progress was very slow when I was buying into scam Internet marketing products, thankfully, this has now changed and you don’t have to do like I did!

I have been part of The Super Wealthy Affiliate Platform for four years now and prior to this I belonged was part of a smaller Internet marketing membership site. Although when I first joined my first Internet marketing membership site I had already been making money online for several years so I kind of knew what I was doing. But one of the many things I like about being part of a membership site is that we are mixing with like-minded people and to me, this is so important, you never have to feel as though you’re working alone again! If you have a question, you can ask, if you’re not sure how to do something, ask someone will quickly come back with a great answer.

Another benefit to being part of an Internet marketing membership platform is a benefit of having quality training. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform takes you through the process of making money online through video step-by-step training and after each training session you will have a task list to complete before going on to the next training module. This is a great way to start your online business as you will not only learn but at the same time be growing your business, I do not know a better way to learn how to make money online.

I really did learn the hard way, I had no choice when I started as far as I know, all I could do was to buy into scam Internet marketing products and hope that some of them will teach me something and they did, but there was a huge financial cost and the progress was exceptionally slow!

I am very pleased that there is a proper way to leverage the power of the Internet, you can click on the banner below and also you can read my “Getting Started Online” blog post, which will help to give you a better understanding of Internet marketing.

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The Christian Internet Marketer

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