Why are you not starting your online business today?

Why are you not starting your online business today?

Why are you not starting your online business today?

Why are you not starting your online business today?

The title of my blog post today is “why are you not starting your online business today” the reason I am writing this blog post is because I have seen so many people talk about working for themselves and have an online business and yet I see very little action, today is the day to start your online business.



It Doesn’t Cost Much To Start An Online Business

I have good news for you, did you know that it is extremely cheap to set up an online business, I don’t know of any business is cheaper to set up than an online business.

Recently, I set up a new off-line business, I have started several businesses over the years and just because we think everything is online, off-line businesses still work! I was actually able to set up my off-line business very quickly, however, there was a heavy cost involved of 30+ K, but thankfully the business is paying off well.

One of the reasons that I was able to get this business going so quickly was because I do have a knowledge of creating websites and getting them ranked in Google which is a huge help. I have to say that I really think the Internet is the businessman’s best friend, it has totally changed the way that we promote our business.

I can remember not that many years ago how I would be advertising in magazines, newspapers, shop windows, leaflet drops and more just to try and build up my business, today, you can build your business from your very own home, which is fantastic. I believe that the Internet has to be one of the greatest inventions ever, isn’t it amazing that we can go online and order products, book a holiday, book a flight, check train times et cetera and much more!

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up An Online Business?

The great news is that to set up an online business today is exceptionally cheap, when I first had a website for my off-line business back in 2004, this particular website cost me precisely £1000, I didn’t know a single thing about websites back then and I had no interest in trying to build a website! I no longer actually own this website because I sold the business in 2009 complete with the website.

The first moneymaking website I had which was in 2007 cost me precisely £2000 to build, this website was built by a professional Webmaster. I had many plans for this particular site and over the years it has probably cost me around £15-£20,000, I am thankful that things have dramatically changed now! However, this particular website did have huge amounts of functionality, so it wasn’t straightforward, thankfully, to get started online today you do not need anything so complex in fact I would say try to keep things very simple.

Unfortunately I learnt the hard way to make money online, however, things have improved dramatically over the years and have definitely got much more straightforward. If you would like to read my “Getting Started Guide” this will help to show you how to build an online business. If you go down this route potentially to start with your online business will cost absolutely nothing.

Most of us own a laptop or PC, potentially you could start your online business just using a smartphone but this is not something I would recommend as I always find my laptop a thousand times easier to do business on and yes we can use a smartphone for many things but I still find it so much easier to use my laptop.

Buying A Domain Name

If you have read my getting started online guide you will realise that you can set up a free account at Wealthy Affiliate and start learning how to make money online, I do strongly suggest that at some point you upgrade to premium as this gives you access to every single piece of information you need to start an online business. Literally, all I buy to build my websites is a domain name, my websites are hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and you can purchase domain names right here.

When you’re choosing a domain name make sure that you don’t have any abbreviations like dashes in the name as people can never remember where dashes and abbreviations are, you can actually end up sending someone to your competitors website if they can’t remember your domain name. Choose something simple if you can and that relates to your niche, so for example, if it was about camping equipment you could have a domain name something like qualitycampingequipment and as I said in the previous sentence don’t have something like quality – camping – equipment people will never remember this domain name.

Most people choose a.com for their business, I am based in the UK so depending on what I am promoting I either have a.co.uk or a.com and sometimes both.


I used to pay around £25 per month for my hosting, however, as I mentioned earlier I host most of my websites with the Internet marketing training platform that I belong to, their hosting works very well and saves me money every month which is fantastic. You can do the same if you join this great platform.

Do You Know How Easy It Is To Put Up A Website?

I’m very thankful today that it is far easier to build a website today than it was a few years ago, as I mentioned earlier in this post my first website cost me £1000. Today you can literally put a website up in a matter of seconds, take a look at my video regarding putting up a website in 30 seconds.

So What Are You Waiting For?

So what you waiting for to get started with your online business, it’s far too easy to put off things in this life and if we don’t get started today when will we get started? Remember that I’m here to help you, I want to see you succeed and reach your goals.

Why Not Get Started Today, Here’s A Link To Start Your Online Business.

Please feel free to comment below and ask me any questions that you may have.

Thank you for reading.

The Christian Internet Marketer

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