What To Do In The Internet Marketing World 2019

What to do in the Internet marketing world 2019

What to do in the Internet marketing world 2019

What to do in the Internet marketing world 2019

Today, I’m writing a post about what to do in Internet marketing world 2019, yesterday I wrote a blog post with the title “what not to do in the Internet marketing world 2019”, so today we have something much more exciting and positive!

You can see my previous days post on what not to do in the Internet marketing world 2019.

First of all, from experience, hard work pays off, with any business whether it be online or off-line we have to work hard, I have been self-employed since 1983 and in my experience, I have found the only way to create success is to work hard. I can also say though that is very rewarding when we work hard and we achieve something good.

Evergreen Content Strategy

We are looking for ways to be found in Google and one of the things we need to look at its evergreen content strategy. By this I mean an evergreen tree grows and keeps growing and stays green all year round, we need our content to be found all year round and not to die off as time passes.

We all have to create content for our business, whether it be on a website, social media, a video or even creating an advertisement, it’s all content, without content nothing happens, we need content to be found on the web. So in other words content is an evergreen strategy, that will never go away, remember that content will never go away, it will always exist!

What Evergreen Strategies Work

There are many different niches all over the web, we can literally find any niche on the web, people are searching for information that whatever your niche is, within reason, it has huge potential to be found, in other words, a niche will never go away or disappear.

Keywords will always be used to find our particular niche, we can use a keyword tool to help us find particular keywords for a niche. You can take a look at the free keyword tool that I use to help find the relative keywords.

We can write blog posts on one targeted keyword, not multiple keywords, we need to focus on one targeted keyword. We can actually find potentially low hanging fruit to find that special keyword, my free keyword tool will help you find the low hanging fruit keywords. We need to base our blog post on one targeted keyword, Google no longer likes keyword stuffing, in other words trying to get as many keywords into a blog post as possible, this is a definite no-no.

We need to engage with our audience, this is a great strategy to use and very important. We need to be very real, but can’t hide behind our blog posts, people like to know who they are dealing with so engagement with our audience is very important. Let me give you this thought, would you buy from someone that you don’t know? It’s so much better to show your face and engage with your audience. We can engage with people through our blog posts, through Facebook or a Facebook group, or even through our YouTube channel, in fact, any social media platform helps us to engage with people.

Another good way to engage with our audience is to have comments on a blog, the Internet marketing platform that I’m involved with actually give you comments on your website and feedback, which is something really useful. You can find out more about this by looking at my getting started guide. Something that I always try and do is to reply to people who leave comments on my blog or social media platforms, it’s always good to communicate with people, no one wants to be ignored. It is so important to engage with our readers and followers if we do not engage with them they are just going to go somewhere else, which we don’t want, so you can see the importance of engagement.

Technical Evergreen Strategies

Let’s talk about a few technical evergreen strategies that work and will probably always be around.

The first one is meta titles, these have been around a long time and will probably always be around.

Meta descriptions, this is something else that will probably always be around, some people do not think it’s important but I think it’s great to be able to show the search engines what your blog is about in a few words. A meta description is an opportunity to show our potential readers 155 characters that will encourage them to come to our website, we really need to make the most of this opportunity. The meta description needs to have our one targeted keyword within the description, this is very important. Incidentally, a keyword can also be a key phrase, it needs to be something that people are searching for.

Keep  content above the scroll, this means what we see above the scroll, so in other words what we see before we scroll down.

Internal links, Google likes internal links that link to relevant content within your site. When we link to relevant pages or posts within our website, it is telling Google that we have more content on our website, not just the page that we are on, but other pages too. The only way that Google knows where our content is, is through our site map or menu, so linking to internal content is very important. When Google spiders our website and finds our content and then finds other pages that are linked with similar content, this is a very huge plus point.

External links, these are useful, a good external link to use something like Wikipedia, Wikipedia is a well-proven website and it shows Google you are trying to share genuine knowledge.

Email Marketing

Email marketing will never go away, some people may disagree, but I believe this is the best way to communicate with our customers and potentially make sales in a good way. Email marketing is the best way to make sales and someone can actually stay on a list for many years, especially if we do our email marketing the correct way. In other words, make it personal, it creates exclusivity within our tribe. When we build our tribe through email marketing it becomes very personal and people can get a better picture of who we really are which can encourage people to feel secure and potentially buy from us. Making something exclusive and very personal can be a great winner for future sales for many years, this is the power of email marketing.

Knowledge Commerce

What is knowledge commerce? Knowledge commerce is giving people information, often people will pay for knowledge, so for a small fee people will receive accurate knowledge. You can see an example of this, for the past eight years I have been part of two different Internet marketing membership sites, I currently belong to one membership site at the moment. This is a great resource for me, as you know I have been working online since 2007 and over a period of time we can learn a huge amount of knowledge, but, it’s always good to keep up-to-date with the latest how-to’s and more. You can see my profile here.

Email marketing is knowledge commerce, for example, we will often go to a website and fill in a form with a name and email address and receive information, which may be how to do something or a special offer or a series of emails. Knowledge commerce can be given through a Facebook group or as mentioned in the previous paragraph a membership site. So what can we do to give people free knowledge commerce, so often we had to pay for knowledge commerce, but at the same time it’s good to be able to give away knowledge for free, it helps to build relationships.

Free knowledge commerce is for example when someone signs up to your website, so they fill in their name and their email address and in return you give them free information from your website, so you are exchanging free information for their email address. So when someone signs up to our website, we can then potentially market to them and make sales, however, this has to be carried out in the correct way, we build relationships first. We could also give our readers free knowledge through a Facebook group, they could sign up to our Facebook group, and we can give them free knowledge and promote the occasional product that may help to get them to where they want to be.

So how can we make free knowledge commerce work? Blogging and giving away information and offering potential products is a great way to bring traffic to a business and it works, but if we can bring traffic to our website through email marketing, Facebook groups, membership sites etc, you can increase our revenue considerably. We need to think outside the box.

So I Conclude

Evergreen strategies are a great way to grow our business, we know that they work. My question to you is which evergreen strategy are you going to implement today?

Thank you for reading.

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