So How Does Success Come Online?

So How Does Success Come Online?

So How Does Success Come Online?

So how does success come online?

My blog post today is asking the question, so how does success come online? The majority of people I speak to do not have a clue about how to make money online and have never actually made a penny or a cent online! However, something that I have noticed is that people seem to have the ability to tell me how to run an online business, what I should and shouldn’t be doing and how online business is a scam! I don’t know really why it is that people want to try and share knowledge about something that they really do not know about!

Listen to the right people

With any business, we need to have the right people around us, too many people have the wrong people around them and this holds them back, I have been there and I know that it has held me back, big time! Make sure that you have knowledgeable people around you and people that want to see you succeed as this will help your business progress hugely. Unfortunately and very sadly, there are too many people who do not want to see you successful, these are the people that you need to remove from your life as they have absolutely no place in your life whatsoever. If people are continually criticising you about what you are doing, this is far from motivational and can have adverse effects.

However, if we have people around us that are highly motivated, interested in what we are doing and they want to see you succeed this can be a huge benefit and extremely encouraging and leave us with a totally different mindset of wanting to move businesses forward. I have to say in the early days of my working life I had too many of the wrong people around me and this didn’t help to move my business forward.

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Make Sure You Have The Right Training

When I first started researching about making money online back in 2004, I was buying into all the wrong products, not deliberately, but I just didn’t know any better, I was working blind and I had to start somewhere. The most important aspect of an online business is to have proper training and to have a plan of action and also to set goals and a to-do list, without these we have a huge chance of failing.

It took me three years to get my first online business off the ground, the main reason it took so long was that I didn’t know what I was doing at all, everything was totally new to me, I had to learn from scratch. I’m very thankful to say that I am now part of a great platform which is great for beginners and also great for people like myself who have been working online for many years. You can find out more about how to start your online business in my getting started guide here. This will take you through all the steps you need to start an online business, you can actually start with a free account and learn huge amounts to get you on the right tracks.

Finding A Niche

I believe one of the most important things is with an online business is that we have a niche that we are passionate about and have a knowledge about, I believe that if we are passionate about something we normally automatically have knowledge about the subject. Whatever you do don’t try and look for moneymaking niches, just go find a niche that you are absolutely passionate about, failure to do this will make your online business hard work.

There are some people that would disagree with me, but I can’t imagine trying to write blog posts on a subject I had no interest in and yet the money was good, it would be really difficult. Personally, I have no interest in football whatsoever, I appreciate that many people are absolutely passionate about the game and there is nothing wrong with that! I cannot imagine trying to write about football, first of all, because I know nothing about the subject and secondly because I have no interest in the subject. But can you imagine what it would be like if I had a passion for football and I started writing about the subject, the things I could write about would be endless, this is the importance of having a passion for your niche.

Write and write some more

Over the years I have come across many highly successful Internet marketers, some of them have actually created their own products and made literally millions, others are affiliate marketers and still making extremely good money from just working from their own home and working the hours that they wish. Many of these successful Internet marketers when you ask them what they have done to be successful, they will say nothing really, but I just posted regularly on my website. In other words, they are writing informative blog posts in their niche and are consistent in writing on a regular basis, they didn’t give up! For many years the phrase “content is king” has been used in the Internet marketing world, I believe that this is still very true.

Consistency is key

I am on several Internet marketers email lists and one thing that I see from every successful Internet marketer is consistency. I know that some Internet marketers have tried things and they have actually not been that successful, however, they don’t let this hold them back they just move onto the next thing and continually keep moving forward, they don’t let obstacles slow them down. I think this is one of the biggest problems when people start an Internet business, they start off very keen and enthusiastic, but after a few weeks of not seeing any results that become downcast and start to think that their business is never going to get off the ground.

Often people give up when they are right on the tip of success, this is so disappointing because with a little bit more effort and perseverance with an online business we can achieve so much. Of course, there is also the other type of people who sign up for a course and don’t do anything with it or forget their password so that they can’t login and then say that this program is a scam! It may sound funny but I see this sort of thing happening all the time.

Be Organised

In the last paragraph, I mentioned that people often forget their passwords and usernames, one of the biggest things to success is being organised. I have many folders in my documents as I like to be able to find things quickly, we need to be able to pull things out of our folders instantly and not lose time. I have spent literally hours of wasted time trying to help people on something straightforward only to find that they can’t find a username, they have lost their password, they can’t login to their email on the laptop et cetera et cetera….. This is just a pointless waste of time and it stops us moving forward in our daily tasks, I hope that you are not one of these people, if you are, it’s never too late to get organised and it’s so much better for your online business.

Following The Training

I mentioned in a previous paragraph the importance of having the right training, if you are a beginner it is exceptionally important that you go through a training platform step-by-step not missing any action points if you do this and you are consistent you will be successful! We also need to realise that we never stop learning, I learnt the hard way, but I don’t want other people to do the same as I did.

It Takes Time To Build An Internet Marketing Business

I think we all know that every business takes time and effort to build, if we don’t understand this we are really not living in the real world. I recently started an off-line business and thankfully I saw results very quickly. An online business takes a bit more time, but if we are consistent this can dramatically speed up the time of getting from starting from zero to making money online. We need to be prepared to work for at least six months without making any money, please don’t be alarmed by this as six months goes extremely quickly, especially when we are busy. The more we can write and the more we learn the quicker we will get there.

I Want You To Succeed

I think we all like to hear success stories and sharing people’s joy of how they have turned her life around and created a successful business. I am here to help you and the reason I’m writing this blog post is that I don’t want to see people make the same mistakes as I did! So, why not read my getting started guide and take action now.

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