Please don’t buy into Internet marketing scams!

Please don't buy into Internet marketing scams

Please don’t buy into Internet marketing scams

Please don’t buy into Internet marketing scams!

I thought I would write this blog post “please don’t buy into Internet marketing scams” as in the early days I spent far too much time buying Internet marketing products that didn’t actually work! You could say that I was suffering from bright shiny object syndrome or on the other hand, I was desperately keen and enthusiastic to learn about Internet marketing and how to make money online, or maybe even a combination of both!

A few years ago, my girlfriend, (who is now my wife) invited me to go with her to an Internet marketing event that she had signed up for. The event was in a top London hotel and as it happened I had actually heard of this particular Internet marketer, so I agreed to go with her. Over the years I have signed up to quite a few Internet marketers newsletters as this helps me keep up-to-date with what is going on in the Internet marketing world. The fact that I had heard of this Internet marketer gave me a little bit of confidence in going to the seminar, however, I did think it would be something that I had probably heard about before, the same old stuff!

This particular Internet marketer who was the only speaker at the conference went on to tell us all how difficult it is to make money online and how he had struggled to make money online. We heard about how difficult it is to get ranked in Google and how you can have a post on your website on page 1 and how it can suddenly disappear and all the traffic goes! There were many stories about the difficulties of making money online and then he came up with the magic ingredient, allegedly!

Mobe Is the Answer Or Maybe Not!!!

We had about an hour of listening to all the difficulties and hardships of trying to make money online and why it wasn’t possible to make money online, I knew this wasn’t true, in fact, if you would like to know more about making money online getting started, you can read my blog post here.

The speaker after telling us all how hard it is to make money online came up with the answer on how to be successful online and his answer was “Mobe”, I was highly surprised to hear about this platform as it was something that I had never heard of! I spent three years researching Internet marketing, I started researching in 2004 and finally had my first moneymaking website up and running in 2007. So I was really surprised I hadn’t heard of this platform, despite being signed up for many successful Internet marketers newsletters, no one had ever tried to sell me Mobe.

What Is Mobe

Mobe is a high ticket training programme where potentially you can make huge commissions and this is exactly what the speaker was doing, he was making very high commissions. I have absolutely no problem with anyone making money at all, in fact, I really like to see people doing well, but there is a right and a wrong way to do this, I will explain more about this later.

Allegedly and potentially you can earn very high-profit margins through Mobe, but unfortunately, there is a very heavy price to pay at this stage. The initial start-up fee was $47 and $97, this would unlock your training and put you through to a coach that would help you, the only problem is that you would have to spend more money to get through to the next stage. Most people had no idea how much it costs to be successful at Mobe and how much it costs to upgrade to the various packages.

Mobe has always been a very controversial programme, it is a type of pyramid scheme where you climb up the ladder, this type of scheme to me is something that I do not agree with and I would never promote. There are far too many similar Internet marketing scams that I would never buy into and although Mobe is no longer running, I definitely would not recommend this type of scheme.

He Was a Great Salesman

The speaker at this seminar was a great salesman and he really presented his case well, I saw him promoting his seminars everywhere after attending this event, so his events were obviously very successful and the fact that he was in a top London hotel suggests that he was doing very well from marketing and Internet marketing scam!

As soon as Mobe was explained to me I knew that it was an Internet marketing scam, I could see straight away that there would be losers and this is something that I won’t buy into or promote as it is totally wrong to sell something where people can potentially lose their money, big time.

We heard how the speaker had been able to help various charities through making so much money online! Of course, it’s great to be able to make money and give it to charities, but it’s also important to make money in the right way, not through a scam product that takes innocent people’s money.

As Mobe was being promoted I saw many many excited people sitting on the edge of their seat and ready to part with their money, they love the thought of making all this money being rich, but I’m afraid that the majority of people in that room were totally blind to what the real product was and how it was going to take their money! I felt like going around the room to people and telling them not to join, we actually left the seminar early as it became pointless listening to such a scam.

Please Don’t Buy Into Internet Marketing Scams

There are too many people buying into Internet marketing scams and get rich quick schemes which promise you the earth but give you nothing in return for your money. In the past I have brought into many Internet marketing scams and literally spent thousands of dollars on bright shiny objects, I promise you, it doesn’t work! There’s only one way to make money online and that is to be trained properly if you want to have a long-term online business. Of course, once you are trained there are many ways to monetise your website in many different ways, but please, learn the correct way and don’t buy into Internet marketing scams.

Here Is The Correct Way To Make Money Online

If you have read any of my blog posts you will understand that I encourage people to learn the correct way to make money online, you can read my “getting started online” blog post or you can go to to find out more. You can also read my blog post on “Don’t Do Like I Did! Learn How To Make Money Online Successfully!”

I’m very thankful that Mobe was shut down last summer, but please be careful not to buy into Internet marketing scams as there are far too many of these scams online, just learn how to make money online the correct way.

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Roy Bretton

The Christian Internet Marketer

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