Are You Choosing Faith Or Fear?

Are You Choosing Faith Or Fear?

Are You Choosing Faith Or Fear?

How many of you have been really fearful of something and it never actually happened!?

I’m very thankful that we have a heavenly father who loves us and wants us to live a life of abundance, so much so, that in Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”. This is so powerful, to think that our heavenly Father knew us before we were actually in the womb. Unfortunately, our mind has a way of overthinking things and sometimes thinking the worse, there is a way of getting over this and that is, by going by what the word says and not what thought said!

If we are going to put so much effort into being fearful about something, why not turn that fear around, so in other words, turn our fear into faith, can you imagine the difference this would make to our daily lives? John 10:10 says that; The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. Let us have faith in God!

I remember when I was looking for accommodation in London as I wanted to be near the Bible school that I was attending, I didn’t really have the money at the time to pay for this accommodation, but the opportunity came up to rent a room 2 minutes walk away from the Bible school. I really wanted to rent this room, so in my prayer time I called on the name of Jesus and he answered me! As I was praying, my phone rang and it was a very good friend telling me how he and his wife tithe regularly to the church they attend, but they also had some spare money which they wanted to give to me on a monthly basis to help me pay for my studies! Jesus had answered my prayer, I could have chosen to be fearful but I chose faith and called on his name, the name above all names! Incidentally, the deadline for this room was the same day as my prayer was answered!

There are so many times when the devil tries to whisper things in our ears that are totally wrong, we need to hear the voice of God and know who we are in Christ.

About The Christian Internet Marketer

About The Christian Internet Marketer

About The Christian Internet Marketer

Welcome to The Christian Internet Marketer, I have been working online since around 2007, I really enjoy working online and enjoy the flexibility and opportunities that working on the Internet can bring. I’ve been self-employed since 1984 and I still have an off-line business and I have had a couple of small businesses that I have sold over the years. I’ve been a born-again Christian for over 20 years, my faith means everything to me and I love seeing lives changed through the power of God. I decided that it would be a good idea to create a website where I can share more about my faith and genuine ideas on how to earn money online. I believe that we are living in an age where the Internet has opened up absolutely amazing opportunities, I often refer to the Internet as, the businessman’s best friend!

A Very Brief History Of My Life

I have always been a great lover of the outdoors and have always loved the countryside. I started off working in private gardens before I left school and then when I left school I started working in agriculture an interest that I had had a huge interest in since around the age of 5 years old. Unfortunately or fortunately I soon realized that the income from working on a farm was very low at the time, so I soon started doing more of my own work which was more horticultural based, I have never regretted going self-employed at 18 years old, to this day I still have a huge interest in agriculture, but for me, I think I’m better off being an onlooker!

I had my first Windows computer back in 2001, I had never used a computer in my life before, it took me a long time to actually get the hang of using one, especially with the old-fashioned dial-up, which was so painfully slow. I think it was around 2005 when I first had a broadband connection, to me this changed everything! All of a sudden I could see that the Internet had huge potential, my Internet connection had literally changed overnight and I suddenly saw amazing potential and opportunities for making money online.

I started to search the Internet on ways to make money online and unfortunately brought into all sorts of spam products that really didn’t promise what they said on the package. Having said this, I learned a lot through making many mistakes. I don’t know how many products I purchased, but it was certainly ran into several dozen, I have never been able to bring myself to calculate how much I have spent on these products! Incidentally, although I brought some pretty bad products, I also bought some very genuine products to. I’m much more careful now when I buy a brand-new shiny object, although this is very rare now.

In 2007, I set up my first moneymaking website, (I had already had my first website back in 2004 for an off-line business that I had). The website was selling garden machinery and equipment, something that really interests me. The website originally started off as an AdSense site, if I remember rightly I also started selling machinery on the website before it actually went live. I believe within the first 24 hours I had already sold a product and I had AdSense revenue coming in. I went on to also selling advertising space on the website and more! Within quite a short time the website was averaging around 42,000 page views a month, once again the power of the Internet never fails to amaze me.

There are many many ways to make money online and I hope to share some legitimate and genuine ideas that can help you create an income from your own home and free up time. Just remember, that with any business, whether online or off-line it does take effort and time and there is no quick way to make money overnight.

I have learned a lot since I first started working on the Internet and I still have a lot to learn, but it is something that I really enjoy and the power of the Internet, really fascinates me.

My faith in God

I have been a Bible believing Christian for over 20 years now and it means a huge amount to me. I was brought up in strong Christian home, but as a teenager and right up into my late twenties I lost my faith totally, in fact, I really did believe in God at all and I would give Christians a hard time whenever the opportunity arose!

I remember thinking many times in my late twenties there has to be more to life than just working, surely we don’t just work and work and then just die? I used to look around me and I saw all the surrounding beauty, someone had to have created this beautiful scenery and landscape that surrounded me.

I remember that first day that I walked back into a church, in fact, a large Pentecostal church filled with many people with their arms raised high, praising God! It felt very strange to be standing in the church amongst all these people and yet I knew it was right.

It took me a few months for church life to seem normal for me, I completed an Alpha course which gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want, I had a lot of questions.

To cut a long story short my faith in God grew stronger and stronger, so much so that I have total assurance on the promises of God, I know who I am in Christ and I know that I have been given eternal life, it’s a fantastic gift.

Over the years I have had many opportunities to serve with a missionary society and in church, I have also been privileged to attend Bible school where I met some amazing people. I am very grateful to have seen the miraculous and impossible, I truly love the things of God and the life changing effect it has on the people who know him.


Why I Want To Help You

I have been earning money online now since around 2007, although prior to this I was doing a terrific amount of research on the Internet, trying to find out more, it wasn’t easy. I brought into many false and spam products that didn’t do what they said on the package, I also had “shiny object syndrome”, which means, looking for the next moneymaking scam.

Over the years of working online, I have learned a huge amount and I am still learning in fact we never stop learning. I want to try to help you by learning the proper way and getting proper training. For the past 6 years I have been involved with membership sites, if you find the right membership site it can move your business forward very quickly, although it will still take time. I actually only belong to one membership site at the present time, the other membership sites that I belonged to were very good, but this is my preferred membership site, you can see my profile here.


The Goal Of My Website

The purpose of this website is to encourage you into your full potential and to get there in the quickest and easiest possible way. However, I have to be real, it takes time to get a business going whether it is an offline or online business. Patience hard work and consistency are the key things and having the right people around you is extremely important. As a Christian, I have faith in God to guide me in my everyday life.

If you would like to start learning about how to make money online you are welcome to start a free account at Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to be successful online, I am here to help you and to answer your questions.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
All the best,

Roy Bretton


Faith That Will Produce Persistence

 I believe that we all have trials and problems to deal with throughout our life, some of us more than others! Unfortunately, our human mind seems to have the ability to magnify a problem or issue and make it considerably worse. I’m thankful that there is an answer to this, we can call on the name of Jesus and he will answer. I know that when I have a problem I can make it’s much bigger by thinking about it or I can look to Jesus with the eyes of faith, knowing that he is my answer to everything. I appreciate that when we are going through trials it is not always easy, but I believe every trial helps us to draw closer to God, knowing that he is able.

I’m a great believer in having faith in God, I remember when I was in Bible School, often the Principle would start the day by saying, “Have Faith in God”, this may sound simple, but it works!
I will leave you with this Scripture; John 16:33New King James Version (NKJV)
33 These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will[a] have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”