Is This the Best Keyword Tool Ever? Jaaxy Power Review

Is This The Best Keyword Tool Ever? Jaaxy Power Review.

As most Internet marketers know we know the importance of using the correct keywords in our blog posts and articles I am going to give you a review on what I think is the best keyword tool ever, Jaaxy power review!

Jaaxy, is a free keyword tool that gives you up to 30 free keyword searches a month, there are upgrades available if you are searching for more keywords. I actually came across the Jaaxy keyword tool through being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, which is another great place for Internet marketers to hang out.

Before I write a new blog post I normally research my keywords and Jaaxy enables me to do keyword research and have access to me statistics which have proved really useful and helped my blog posts become ranked in Google.

Jaaxy Prices And Versions

There are three different of price levels for the Jaaxy keyword tool, the first option is the free option and this is the option I actually use at the moment, although I probably will upgrade to the Pro version very soon, in the meantime the free version is working for me. I firmly suggest that you set up a free Jaaxy account as this will get you familiar with how the Jaaxy keyword tool works in preparation for upgrading as and when you need to.

Jaaxy Price Options

Jaaxy Price Options

The free version of the Jaaxy keyword tool does have limitations, but is still a very powerful tool and will definitely help you in your keyword research. The pro version is much more advanced than the free version and it is much faster and gives you many more options as the chart below shows. The enterprise version of the Jaaxy keyword tool gives you even more options and is also faster, once again you can see the different options in the chart below.

Jaaxy pro is $19 a month in the enterprise version is $49 a month, why not start with your free trial and see the benefits of Jaaxy?

Keyword Research

The first and main thing that Jaaxy offers is keyword research, you can watch the training videos on Jaaxy here or click on the video player below.

One the many things that I like about Jaaxy is how it finds keywords for me and gives me keyword ideas that I would never normally think about, it also let’s me dig deep into keywords, which is such a useful feature. Just remember that the training video is showing the enterprise version which gives you every feature available. If you want to upgrade from the free version of Jaaxy just click on the top right-hand button and this will give you all your upgrade options, you can even try Jaaxy for one month which will enable you to see the benefits really are.


Jaaxy enables you to find your competition very quickly, you can find what words your competition is using and how you can be found in the search engines for low competition keywords.

Domain Names

Jaaxy will tell you what domain names are available within your keyword research, a very useful feature when you’re trying to think of a domain name or a name for your website. It really makes you appreciate how many domain names are available any ideas that Jaaxy  Domain gives you are really helpful. Just remember, try to avoid having any dashes in your domain name, people will never remember that your domain has a – and it and they will probably end up going to your competitor’s website! Domains can be purchased directly or you can purchase some cheaper domains here and also receive 24-hour support regarding any questions you may have using your domain.

Alphabet Soup Feature

Jaaxy offers the very useful alphabet soup feature, I know this feature can be used in Google, but the Jaaxy keyword tool makes it much quicker using Google search. In case you don’t know, the alphabet soup feature is when you put your first word into Google search and it brings you ideas, Jaaxy does the same thing but in a much more efficient way. You can literally go through the alphabet from A to Z and see all the options available in a very short space of time.

Saving Your Keyword Searches

Jaaxy has the very useful feature of being able to save your searches, and download your keyword searches into an Excel spreadsheet and save them for later, a great feature. You can also find your previous keyword searches in a few clicks, very simple and very useful indeed.

Search History

You have the ability to find all your keyword history, whether it is from last week or one year ago, it will be stored in your history. Just click on the history tab and all your previous searches will show.

Jaaxy Power Review

I really do recommend trying the free version of Jaaxy as this will give you a taste of the potential of this excellent keyword tool. My Jaaxy Power Review has hardly touched the surface, as there is so much more that I could write, but my recommendation is to watch the training videos and get the most out of this excellent keyword tool.

Watch the Jaaxy training videos

Watch the Jaaxy training videos

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