Is It Possible To Succeed Online?

Is it possible to succeed online?

Is it possible to succeed online?

Is It Possible To Succeed Online? 

Did you know that it is possible to succeed online? Maybe you are new to working online and just starting out and you’re wondering if you would ever actually make it, I have good news for you, you can succeed online! How many online entrepreneurs do you actually know? Did you know that they actually started out as just ordinary people like you and me, they were not anyone special, just people who are willing to learn and to take positive action. I know of many successful Internet marketers who were just ordinary people before they started out in the Internet marketing game, I know one who was a chef, another a lorry driver, another one was on his hands and knees literally laying tiles! Can you see that these people were not highly skilled people who did not have huge technical skills and knowledge of graphic design and website building, they were just people who were willing to have a go, learn some new skills and take some positive action! Did you know you can do this too?

Did You Know That You Can Succeed Online?

You can actually succeed online, the first day my money website went live in 2007, I made a sale, I have never looked back since, all you have to do is to take action and learn how to work online. There are actually huge opportunities online, probably more than you can ever imagine and once we master the skills of making the online from one niche, these skills can be repeated, in other words, it’s like a rinse and repeat process.

Have you ever looked at other people and thought about how they have succeeded, but I could never do this? Please change your mindset as literally anyone can make money online, you just have to come with the right mindset and focus on your goal. You could literally turn your life around through working online, if you are willing to go through some training and take positive action, you can do it! I see far too many people living below their full potential, they are just doing their 9-to-5 job, which is potentially secure, but they never have that true work freedom that running your online business gives.

There Are Many Ways That You Can Make It Happen

You may be thinking to yourself how on earth can I make this happen, it just seems so daunting, I have news for you there are many ways to bring traffic to your website.

Some people just blog regularly and bring useful information to the table, through blogging regularly and giving good information you can quickly be found in Google.

Did you know that YouTube is a very powerful way to promote your business, I use YouTube to promote my off-line business and my online business. You can potentially show someone how to do something, in other words, how to videos or you can give them a demonstration of your work or just maybe tell someone something very useful. I think we have all gone to YouTube at some point to find out how to do something, it may be how to fix a dishwasher or how to use Microsoft Word for example and many other things too.

You can set up an autoresponder on your website, in case you don’t know what an autoresponder is, an autoresponder is something that collects people’s email addresses and then in the future we can provide them with valuable information on the particular subject that they are interested in, it’s a great tool but at the same time as to be used in a respected way.

Another way is to use something that we call pay per click or PPC, these are ads that we pay for on Google and it helps to get our website on page 1 and to be found. Facebook also uses a similar system, I have used Google ads and Facebook advertising, they have both created business for me.

You may be thinking how do I learn all about this, well I have this very simple answer to this if you go to my “Getting Started Page” you’ll find my number one recommendation on how to get started online. You can potentially find all the information you need to online, however, I would much prefer to have a genuine online course to get you started and to keep you going in the right direction. I have been working online for twelve years and I still belong to a membership site.

There are many ways to be found in Google, but I think the best way is to stick to one or two strategies that work for you and then really focus on the strategies, different things work for different people. It’s actually great fun to try different things and to experiment to see what works for you, it’s interesting that we never stop learning!

It’s great to go to Internet marketing conferences now and then or even mixed with a small group of enthusiastic motivated people to help us reach our goals. Having said this, there is so much that we can do from our own home, we can even sign up for webinars and learn well we are sitting in the comfort of your own home.

How Many Mentors Do You Listen To?

It’s always good to have people that we believe in and trust, we can also learn so much from these people. I actually listen to quite a lot of successful people, I appreciate there is a balance, but often there are many parts to success and also different things work for different people. I like to have three or four people that I can listen to and then put all the good things in a basket and bring them together, I find this works well for me, we also learn many different strategies at the same time.

Build An Email List

Most people say that building an email list is one of the most important things that we should do and I do kind of agree with that. However, at the same time, it is important to build up people’s trust and give them useful information, we should never try and be trying to sell continually, people want to hear the truth and solid information before we try and make a sale.

As a rough guide, every person’s email address equals approximately $100 per year, obviously this can vary, but this is a guide that I’ve often heard many successful Internet marketers say.

Once you have signed up to your list you can email them your newsletter and special offers that you may have, just make sure you use email in a respectful way. Once again this is just one way to help you make money online.

You Have To Work!

Did you know that we are all created to work, we are not created to be lazy? Like any business, you have to work hard, I have an off-line business and an online business and for both of them I have had to work hard, however, I really love the freedom it gives me, I have actually worked for myself since 1983, I have hardly worked for anyone since I left school!

Maybe you don’t like the idea of working hard, maybe it sounds too daunting, I promise you that if you don’t work you will not get results! However, there is nothing more satisfying than working hard and being able to achieve something at the end of it. Something else you need to remember is that an online business takes time and so does an off-line business, but probably overall and online business takes longer. One thing that you will have to be prepared to do is to work not see instant results, but I promise you if you work, you will see results.

Most people say that it takes around six months before they start seeing results, please don’t be put off by this as if you are consistent you will reap the rewards and you have a business for many years to come. I believe that consistency is one of the main things for a successful online business, that of all the successful Internet marketers that I know every one of them is consistent and I believe that this is the biggest thing that has brought them to success.

How quickly can I grow my online business?

The opportunities for an online business are endless, once you get that ball rolling you will want to stop and you will keep increasing, providing you keep working. One of the best ways to grow your online business is to outsource projects, I have a Webmaster in the US that helps me with many jobs, he charges me minimal rates and it helps me to get other things completed, we have worked together for eight years and he has become a great friend, which is fantastic.

Many people outsource people in the Philippines, the Filipinos are very good as there work rates are very cheap and they generally have a very good work ethic. You may not find the right person immediately to help you with your workload, but once you have found the right person can really bring huge benefits to your business. I will write a more detailed post on outsourcing another time, but in the meantime, feel free to comment below and leave your thoughts and questions, I am here to help you.

Thank you for reading.

The Christian Internet Marketer


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