How to Find Keywords Using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

How to Find Keywords Using the JaaxyKeyword Tool

I would like to show you how to find keywords using the Jaaxy keyword tool and some of the benefits that it can bring to you. You can watch my video below to see a live presentation of how to use this great keyword tool. Incidentally, you can see my Jaaxy keyword tool review here.

I’m going to search the phrase, “finds keywords for a website” within a few seconds the Jaaxy keyword tool will normally bring up various keywords. I will now try and pick out the keywords that are most relevant to my search, I am always trying to use phrases and words that make sense rather than words that make up a phrase. I wouldn’t use words like “find keywords my website” as this does not make sense and there are much better words that I can use for my research. I will probably find 5 to 10 keywords and phrases that I can save. These words and phrases can be saved by adding a tick to the box, I can then save these words to use later on in my keyword search.

Finding keywords for Jaaxy

I am now going to try and use the phrase, finding keywords for Jaaxy, once again we enter this search term into the search box and wait a few minutes for Jaaxy to come back with various keywords matching that phrase. So Jaaxy has come up with some keywords like, “how to find keywords for blogging”, I will save this keyword phrase.

There are other keywords that I will add like:

Finding keywords for your website.
Find keywords for free.
Find keywords for a website.

Saving To A List

Jaaxy enables me to save the keywords to a list, I just create a new folder for each keyword search, so that I have all my words and phrases saved in one list.

All These Words And Phrases Build Ideas

Using the Jaaxy keyword tool I can build up lists of various keywords and ideas for future blog posts. It also enables me to go deeper with a particular word or phrase, so for example if I had found the keyword “find keywords for a website” I could then put this keyword phrase into the Jaaxy search bar and find more keywords and phrases that match this particular phrase. Hopefully, now you’re starting to see the benefits of what the Jaaxy keyword it tool can do.

You Will Be Found In Google

Over the weeks and the months if you keep using these various keywords and writing blog posts on the various subjects you will be found, one of the best ways to be found in Google is to be consistent, in other words, rights on a regular basis and Google will find you! I normally think of a blog title and then by using the Jaaxy keyword tool, it gives me more keywords to use that will benefit my website.

Why not sign up for a free Jaaxy keyword account?

Thank you for watching.

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The Christian Internet Marketer

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