How Long Does Success Take Online?

Ralph success story online

Ralph success story online

How long does success take online?

This is a question that so many people ask me how long does it take to make money online? This is always a difficult question to answer as a lot depends on the individual’s knowledge and how much time they can put into their Internet business.

I read a wonderful story the other day about a fitness trainer who had started an online business, he joined a platform that taught him how to make money online through affiliate marketing and within two years he was making five figures a month, which is a great achievement! Incidentally, I’m a member of this platform and you can find my profile here. You’re probably asking yourself, how did you do this? The answer is that he had the correct training and he was an action taker. One thing that I always notice with successful Internet marketers is that they are persistent and very consistent, they don’t leave something to the next day, they are real action takers and this is really the only way to be.

So how long does success take online?

In this particular case, Ralph was making $16,766.23 online within two years and he also has a full-time job. However, this didn’t happen overnight, when Ralph started in 2016 he did not make any money at all, but what he was doing was learning the process of how to make money online. Ralph knew absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing and making money online, so he had a huge amount of learning to do. Fortunately Ralph was a very keen writer so he started turning out many blog posts about his niche and gradually he built up a website full of articles on his niche, he knew what people were looking for so he was able to help through writing content.

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In 2017 the earnings increased at Rolf made his first sale of $4.50 it was a great moment! I remember my first sale back in 2007 when I first started making money online, my website had only been up for one day and I had already made a sale, which I have to say was only a small amount but extremely encouraging when you are new to the online business world! By December 2017 Ralph actually managed to make $100 a month, although this is not very much money he knew he could double his sales and he did! In 2017 he made a total of $329.84, not very much, however it was a huge turning point.

Obviously we have to find the right niche and I always say to people to find a niche that they have an interest in, I can’t think of anything worse than trying to promote something that I have no interest in just because I think there is money to be made, this would be no fun at all and it would take to enjoyment out of working online. We also have to find the right affiliate programs to promote, some programs convert better than other programs, but this can often be a trial and error process, it is well worth experimenting with different programs to find out which program works best.

Gradually Ralph’s earnings increased in 2018, to 5 figures a month which is a fantastic achievement. I believe that the reason Ralph is successful is because he just kept writing content and when we write content eventually Google will find us, the more we write the more chance Google has of finding our website. Ralph also mentioned that one of his blog posts was on another website as a featured post and this really helped to boost his earnings.

I know from experience that if we write content regularly Google will find us, I was doing some experimenting online the other day with Google and I just happened to put in a particular search for one of my niches and I discovered that I was on page 1 of Google for the first five searches, this I believe has happened through regular posting and writing content.

The most important thing about an online business is that you do need the correct training, I first started researching Internet marketing back in 2004 as I could see the power of the Internet and the huge possibilities that the Internet has opened up to make money. My biggest problem was that I didn’t have the proper training so I actually spent a lot of money on scam products that didn’t produce what they said on the box. It is so important to receive the right training and this is exactly how Ralph became successful, he worked, he learnt, he was persistent, he didn’t give up and he reaped his reward of making money online.

You can do this too!

I believe that anyone can do what Ralph has done, but remember you do have to work and you do need the right training, one take a look at Ralph’s profile and his success and join him and myself in our success, please click here to find out more.

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