Don’t be sucked into Internet scams!

Don’t be sucked into Internet scams!

I thought that I would write this blog post after reading Dave’s post about a program that has closed down, you can read Dave’s post here.

Dave’s post reminded me about how back in 2004 when I first had a broadband connection, all of a sudden I could see the power of the Internet and the potential that the Internet could bring, prior to this broadband Internet connection, I found the Internet pretty slow! Incidentally, do remember being on a dial up for your Internet connection, the Internet was literally so painfully slow, the only thing you could really do efficiently was to send an email, how things have changed!

Don't be sucked into Internet marketing scams

Don’t be sucked into Internet marketing scams

I saw the power of the Internet and I was so eager to find out how to make money online and rapidly started doing searches like, “work from home”, “how to make money online” and many more similar searches! My search brought up all sorts of products and unfortunately I brought into some of these products that really failed to produce anything useful, they really were just scam products!

I have to say that through all of this, there were some decent products, and I did learn a terrific amount between 2004 and 2007, but I have to say it was a very expensive way to learn and not a quick way to get from A to B quickly, in fact it literally cost me thousands! However, I did manage to get my first money making website up in 2007 and made a sale the first day that it went live!

The reason that I’m telling you these things is that you might be new to Internet marketing or maybe your dream is taking longer than you would like it to, don’t be sucked into trying to find something better than Wealthy Affiliate or thinking you can buy something extra that will make you huge amounts of money, it won’t work! I’ve been there!

The training we have here at Wealthy Affiliate is excellent and will take you through the whole process from start to finish. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is not a get rich quickly scheme, it is a platform that teaches you how to create an online business successfully, please don’t get sucked into other schemes, you have everything you need in one place.

I would buy into a scam product and think this is definitely the one, this is definitely going to work, but in some cases I would have had another email sent me from another Internet marketer promising something better and did it sound better and I would be buying into this scheme before I had hardly started using the other scheme! I’m not proud to say these things, but this was the truth, I was desperate to make money online, but basically I was working blind, I was listening to the lies of people who wanted to take my money!

So to conclude, don’t be like I was, even though I learnt a lot before I had made hardly a penny online, stick with the Wealthy Affiliate training, you do not need anything else to make money online. Also, communicate with others on this great platform, when I first started, I was working totally blind I had no one to connect with and I was out there on my own. With Wealthy Affiliate we have the privilege of being able to communicate with other people and to share in there success stories and learn from previous mistakes and what works and what doesn’t work.

And finally, enjoy your online journey, be passionate, be enthusiastic, help others and stay cheerful, you have a bright future.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment below.


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