Be Aware Of False Internet Marketing Programs

Be Aware Of False Internet Marketing Programs

Be Aware Of False Internet Marketing Programs

Be Aware Of False Internet Marketing Programs

I am writing this blog post to make you aware of false Internet marketing programs, I have titled my post “Be aware of false Internet marketing programs”. Also, please take note of my bonuses at the foot of this page.

It was back in 2004 when I first started researching Internet marketing, I had just had my first broadband connection to the Internet and for me this totally changed the face of the Internet, I saw the power of the Internet and the huge potential that it had, I was hungry to take advantage of this wonderful life-changing invention. I think probably the Internet is probably the biggest invention in my lifetime that has changed the way we work and how we do life, I believe that if the Internet is used in the correct way, it really is a fantastic tool.

Hungry To Learn

As I mentioned in my first paragraph, I was very hungry and keen to learn about how to make money online so I started to research, “how to make money online” and “work from home business” as you can imagine, all sorts of great opportunities came on my screen. Teenager makes 1 million in one month, how to become a millionaire in a weekend, these are just some of the headlines that came up on my screen!

I remember spending the whole day trying to find out how to make money online, in some ways I probably wasn’t any wiser after spending a day researching Internet marketing, however, it did seem important to have an autoresponder, that was the main thing I learnt and is probably one of the main tools still used today for Internet marketing.

When I first started researching, video wasn’t really very popular, so I was just reading an article after article and trying to build up a knowledge of how to make money online, I was trying to find out what was true and what was false, it was very difficult. I would purchase a product that I thought sounded good, only to find that there was an upsell and then another upsell that I needed to potentially make this product work, not a good way to do business I feel. Some of the products that I purchased could literally take hours and hours to set up only to find at the end of the day the vital ingredient was missing, very frustrating!

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Sometimes I would purchase a product and not even open it due to another even better shiny object being found, which offered a lot more than the previous package I had purchased! Please do not go down this route, it does not work, I have tried it! We have to focus on one task at a time and complete this task, otherwise, we just end up all over the place! Just beware

It took me three years to make money online!

It took me three years to make money online, but I finally made it, I had my first moneymaking website live and actually start making money within the first 24 hours, which was pretty good going I believe, however, I had added content before we went live! The good news is that I learnt the hard way, but thankfully I can say that there is a much better way which I will tell you about in the next paragraph.

Membership Sites

I have been a member of three different Internet marketing memberships sites and to me, this is the best way forward. I will talk to you about the other membership sites another time.  You can see my review of Wealthy Affiliate here and also my video review.

It is very important to be part of a community of like-minded people that have the same goal in mind and that is to make money online. The problem that I had in the past was that I was working blind and I didn’t know if what I was doing was correct, however, having the right training makes all the difference.

The Best Internet Marketing Membership Site

In my experience this is the best Internet marketing membership site, you can see my review here. I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for four years now and I have actually reached ambassador status which means I am in the top 25 members out of approximately 1.2 million people. I know that not everyone is active on this platform, but definitely, quite a few people are.

In normal terms you cannot make money online overnight, it takes time to build a web business and we need to be shown the correct way. The Wealthy Affiliate platform teaches you the correct way to start an Internet business, right from purchasing a domain name to putting up a website and how to market your website.

Although I am fairly experienced at Internet marketing, I still find it really useful to be part of a community who all are working towards the same goals and it is also great to be able to help each other and answer each other’s questions.

Sign Up For Free

Wealthy Affiliate enables you to be a free member for however long you want to be, it also allows you to put up 25 free websites and learn the first two modules about Internet marketing. This is the perfect way to find out whether this membership site is right for you. No credit card is needed to sign up for free membership.

I Have Some Bonuses for You

I have some bonuses for you, if you sign up to premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate I will give you 30 minutes of my time over a Skype call.

Secondly, I will give you a special package that will help to give your business a head start.

And thirdly, I will give you 59% discount for the first month that you become a premium member, which will make your membership $19 for the first month.

Just message me and we can arrange these bonuses.



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