How To Start And End A YouTube Video At A Given Time In WordPress

In this video and WordPress post, entitled, how to start and end a YouTube video at a given time in WordPress. In the following post and pictures, I will show you exactly how to do this.

I have been working online since 2004, people often ask me questions about how to do certain tasks online. I will often answer questions by creating various videos as this is often the quickest and easiest way to answer a question.

How to get started online

So let me explain what I mean. There are occasions when you may not want to start a YouTube video from the beginning we may not want the video to run completely to the end. This can be useful when you are using someone else’s YouTube video and you want to embed it in your WordPress post. Sometimes a video may have a long introduction, so you don’t want your clients to see this. Or they may be there are times when at the end of the video it is telling customers what to do and maybe sending them to a website where you do not require them to go to.

You Can Watch The Video Version Explaining How To Start And End A YouTube Video At A Given Time In WordPress



Find Your YouTube Video

So the first step is to find your YouTube video that you want to embed into YouTube. So if you start by clicking on the share button, which will give you various share options. As you can see in the photograph I have circled the start at 0.20 seconds.


Start Your YouTube Video At A Given Time
Start Your YouTube Video At A Given Time


If you then click on the embed icon, this will give you the embed code for your WordPress site. Note that I have circled the start at 20 seconds, the box needs to be ticked for this to happen. Highlight the embed code and click copy.


Click The Embed Icon


Post In WordPress

Now if you go to your WordPress website, either start a new post or edit an existing post. Your WordPress editor needs to be in “Text Mode” rather than “Visual Mode” to embed a YouTube video.


Embed A YouTube Video In "Text Mode"
Embed A YouTube Video In “Text Mode”


Now you can see for the sake of the video I have three different types of code in WordPress. The first embed code has the start time and the end time of the video, so the video will run for 10 seconds in total. The second line of embed code has just the start time, so the video will start at 20 seconds and run to the end. And finally, the third video has the embed code with just the end time, so the video will end in 30 seconds. These times can be adjusted accordingly depending on what you want to show your audience.


Embed Codes
Embed Codes