How To Send Clients To An Aweber Hosted Form

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In this video, I want to show you how to send clients to an Aweber hosted form and a web form on your website. It’s good to have multiple ways of where people can find your signup form, using the same list.

I have a web form on my website that is on every single page of the website. In this way, it’s easy for people to sign up for my special offers. However, if for example, I was creating a YouTube video, I need to be able to send them to a signup form. Using the method below, this enables me to send clients to the same list. This is a very useful feature of Aweber.


You Can See The Video Of How To Send Clients To An Aweber Hosted Form Below



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So, if you go to Aweber, make sure you’re in the correct list, I am in “GER special offers”. Then if you go to “sign up forms” which you can find towards the left-hand side on the main menu. This will bring you to “my webform”, from here you have several options, choose the “publish” option.

Now you are on the “publish page”, this gives you three different options.


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The first option is, “I will install my form” you can use this option providing you’re comfortable with HTML and have access to edit your webpages.

The second option is, “my web designer will install my form”. You can send an email to your web designer containing the HTML code and instructions they need to install your web form.

And finally, the third option is, “use my form as a landing page”. This enables you to link to a page that is hosted on Aweber.

The third option is the option that I have used. The link that Aweber gives you isn’t particularly attractive so you may want to change that. One option is to create a subdomain for your landing page link.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you need any more information and feel free to comment and like our video.