Getting Started With Wealthy Affiliate Part One

Free Starter Membership At Wealthy Affiliate
Free Starter Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

I’m going to make a series of blog posts and videos entitled getting started with Wealthy Affiliate part one.

I would like to help you get started with Wealthy Affiliate, whether you are joining as a free member or as a premium member. I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform for almost 6 years now and I will probably be a lifetime member.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has a huge amount of training and can be quite daunting to start with, I want to try and show you around the platform.

First of all, you need to go to the training section and then online entrepreneur certification and then click on getting started and go to the first module.

Complete Your Profile

It’s important to complete your profile at Wealthy Affiliate and to have an up-to-date picture of yourself. I always like to see a photograph of the person that I am communicating with. I see some members with a picture of their dog or a landscape, to me, this is not good, we need to know who we are talking to.

Your next job is to tell people about yourself. Maybe some of you find this difficult, sometimes this is due to overthinking! You can look at other members profiles to get an idea of what to write. I think is a good idea to write a bit about what your goals are, where your passion is, have you made money online before and so forth.


You Can See My Video On Getting Started With Wealthy Affiliate Part One Below


Go through The Training And Don’t Miss A Step

Wealthy Affiliate contains everything you need to make a living online. I’m not saying that you will never need any other software, as you get going you will need an autoresponder and maybe one or two other things. However, you can definitely start making money without any extra costs.

In life people are always looking for shortcuts, I’m afraid that this really doesn’t work with an online business. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is really excellent, you have everything you need in one place. You need to go through each video step-by-step and then follow the necessary action points. The great thing is that you can complete each action point step-by-step before you go onto the next lesson. Please do not miss out any videos or action points, it will only go against you. These training courses have been carefully set up by the owners and they genuinely work.


You Can See More Tips On Getting Started Online Here


Let’s Go through Each Section Of The Website

If you look to the left-hand side and below your profile picture you will see all the different sections and categories that Wealthy Affiliate offers. Let’s start with the dashboard. When you click on the dashboard you will probably see one of the latest posts by our fellow Wealthy Affiliate member.

As you scroll down you will see new premium members, I normally friend new members, it’s good to have people in your network as we can help them and they can help us. Especially when we are starting out.

Scrolling down further you will see today’s top 10 posts, these posts are normally changed every 24 hours unless there is a post that is particularly popular which will stay for longer. You can click on any of these posts to read and to make a comment.

As we scroll down further you will see the category, “new questions”, this is all the various questions that people are asking. I will often go in and answer the question myself and I will also be on the other end of the scale and ask the question, this is exceptionally useful.

Scrolling down further will take you to new blogs, you can read and add comments, as you wish. We then come to motivational posts from other members, I think we all like to read a motivational post. This is sometimes a good place to go before you start your day’s work, there’s nothing better than reading a success story! Below motivational posts you can see success stories, so even more motivation to get your web business going!

Keep Scrolling Down

We then come to the ranking section, this shows you where various people have been ranked in Google. In case you don’t know what ranking means, this is when we write a blog post and Google finds our particular post. As you start writing more and more posts Google gradually ranks your website much faster, in some cases, it can just be in a few minutes.

We then come down to the welcome new member’s area, this is something that is always good to do, welcome new people and get to know other members. Scrolling down further we come to today’s top 10 training courses. Not only do the owners of Wealthy Affiliate create training, but members can also add training. In this way, we are helping others learn.

And finally, we come to members accomplishments, this may be where someone has completed their account set up or finished a training course. Wealthy Affiliate gives out badges as you complete various training modules and reach various goals, it’s a way of encouraging each member to move forward.


The Training Section

I won’t mention too much in this section, however, you can see all the various training modules that are available. As I said earlier in this post, don’t jump ahead, just go through each training module step-by-step. At the moment you should be on the online entrepreneur certification section and “Getting Started” level I. By all means, take a look at all the training, but make sure and come back to the getting started section.


In this section, we can see all our websites if they are hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. The platform also offers site domains, personally, I don’t buy my domains from Wealthy Affiliate, I purchase from here.

Wealthy Affiliate offers quality website hosting which is excellent for getting your online business going. Wealthy Affiliate uses Amazon S3 hosting, which is excellent. As your website grows, eventually you may need your own server to host your website. However, the Wealthy Affiliate hosting is great for starters, I’ve used it! I am still using the hosting for some of my smaller websites, it works fine for this purpose.

Google likes to see action on your website, so for example, if people are commenting on your content it shows that your content is being seen. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we can request comments which help our website to grow quicker. We can also comment on other people’s websites and earn credits.

If you’re building a new website it’s good to have feedback from other members, here you can request feedback for your website. You can also give feedback to other members websites.

Finally, we come to site support, this is where we can get help for our website if you have a technical problem. We can ask a question to the community and quickly receive an answer. Wealthy Affiliate has excellent support for website issues.

Live Events

In the live events section, we have weekly live webinars on all different subjects regarding building an online business. Being in the UK have never listened to a live webinar. However, the great thing is that the webinars are all recorded. You can literally find archived videos on every Internet marketing subject.

In general Jay hosts most of the webinars, he has a great and simple way of explaining everything step-by-step. If you are looking for a particular subject just type into the search bar and something related to your search will be found.

The webinars are normally hosted on a Friday evening at 1 AM UK time. I have never listened to one of Jays’s webinars live due to the time. However, they are normally uploaded by lunchtime the following day. The webinars can be watched at any time.


Research is always important for any business. The Jaaxy keyword tool helps us find various words and phrases for our particular niche. I will talk more about Jaaxy in a future video.


Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate is as the name suggests all about affiliate marketing. In the affiliate program section, we can see all sorts of various affiliate programs. If you put your particular niche into the search bar, then, the chances are you will find many affiliate programs.

The other way is to search directly into Google and search for affiliate programs in your particular niche.

Live Chat

The live chat section is probably self-explanatory. I must admit this is something that I do not use very much. Although, I do see that some people regularly using live chat. The problem I find is that you can often start chatting with someone and they disappear. I find it can be rather time-consuming using live chat! It’s important to be careful not to be taken away from our priorities.

Help Centre

The help centre is where we can go for website support. A question will be answered by someone from the Wealthy Affiliate staff support team. Ask a question, this section allows us to put a question to the community, in general, I find that questions are quickly answered. There are often some interesting answers when we ask the question which helps us to broaden our horizons. The private message feature allows us to message individual members another great feature.

Now Let’s Look At The Header Toolbar

The first icon is a pencil if we click on this icon we can see that we can carry out various tasks. Starting with; blog at Wealthy Affiliate, create training, write an article, build a website and finally find a domain.

The next icon is where we can find our credits, this gives details of our credit history and credits available.

Moving onto the dollar sign, this takes us to; programme details, my stats, tasks, my referrals, links and tracking, messages and find all the banners. In this section, we can find out about promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform as an affiliate. This is not compulsory, however, if you’re in the Internet marketing niche it’s not a bad program to promote.

The plane icon is a countdown feature. If you can refer 300 people in one year you will receive a free trip to Las Vegas. This may sound quite daunting and quite a few people to find. However, quite a number of people have achieved this goal, which is fantastic.

The bell icon is where we can see all the notifications. So for example, if someone has sent us a message, reply to a blog post or question or following us, this can also found in the notification section. You can also receive email notifications, this can be controlled from our account settings if you don’t want to be inundated with emails. Personally, I actually leave the email feature on as I like to see what’s going on.

Finally, we come to the messages section, we can find all our messages in this section and also message other individual members. Just respect other members and never spam anyone!

To Conclude

I am here to help you with your online journey. As I mentioned I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 6 years, I will probably be a lifetime member! My goal is to help as many people as possible.

Please feel free to comment below or on my YouTube video.


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