Creating A Product Set With Datafeedr

Creating A Product Set With Datafeedr

In this video, I will show you how to create a product set with Datafeedr, it really is very straightforward indeed and if you follow this video it should be very easy for you to copy.


You can see my previous post about why I am going to start using Datafeedr again.

First of all, in your WordPress dashboard go to, “create a new product set”, then name your product set, this is purely for your own reference, it won’t show at all on your website.

I normally choose from the drop-down menu, “any field”, “product name” and has image, sometimes I will just use “any field” or just the product name, it is a bit of trial and error sometimes. I also add in the drop-down menu, “has image”, it’s good to include images in our shop as humans often search by image.

We then click on the search button which will carry out a search on a particular subject, we can run down the list of products that we don’t want in a product search and then delete them one by one. Sometimes when we carry out a product search Datafeedr will find the wrong products, which is fully understandable. There are other ways of omitting the search results, but personally, I find it easier to delete products as we go along.

Once we have chosen our products we then need to select a category, we may also want to select a parent category to have our products sorted correctly.

We then need to publish our product set, it really is as simple as that.

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